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    We are a dedicated group of scientific observers. Its founder, Sir Hamilton Lanphere Smith, was a man who could observe the world within a grain of sand. Whether it be observing the flora and fauna through a microscope or galaxies through a telescope, astute observing was at the heart of gathering information from our universe. This raw data is shared with others in the community to see if the rigors of the scientific method hold true.

    Centered around Smiths' book The World, Observations in Geology and Astronomy, and his theories, our website will take students and experts alike to journey unexplored frontiers of critical thinking about this world in which we live. The key ingredient is curiosity tied to scientific pursuit. I Steven Slosson, great grandson to Hamilton Lanphere Smith, have written observational analysis, along with Ted Callisto. The journey begins with a clear and open mind, keen sense of observation, hypothesis, synthesis, and repeatable scientific methodology.

    We hope you will join us in our great endeavor. We have an 100 year old, never before published, manuscript from Smith, which only a Da Vinci Knight will have access to. Together we will decipher the handwritten works and explore ancient mysteries of astronomy. Your first step is to join the club! 

    Send us your name, address, and email to receive our "Coat of Arms" patch along with your honorary certificate of membership to The Da Vinci Knight Club. The certificate will explain the coat of arms design which is the Hamiltonian theory about the Bethlehem Star. Find and follow SPICA star charts in our web site and you will be well underway with your knightly quest. Remember there is a reason modern day scientists call a place to view the stars an "observatory". The ancient Egyptian's of King Solomans' day called it "the planetarium splendor of Ra".

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