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     Guile de Ieon form the preceeding that Robert de Brus had two sons Adam who inherited the English estates of their father and Robert who inherited the great possessions in Scotland, this Robert was Lord of Annandale by his fathers gift, and was founder of the great house of Bruce in Scotland. He flourished in the reign of friend King David 1st of Scotland, Malcum the 4th and William the Lio, Sir Name of his wife had Euphenia by whom he had issue Robert and Madamme robert married Gobel daughter of King William the Lion, by whom having no issue he was succeeded by his brother William de Bruce the fourth Lord of Annandale, and possessor of large estates in the North of England,he died 1215 and was succeeded by his son Robert de Bruce Lord of Annnundale he married Gabel the 2nd daughter of David Earl of Huntington and son of Henry, the Prince of Scotland and grandson of King David 1st. 

     It was in consequence of this royal alliance that their son entered into competition for the Scottish Crown, and this their descendants became coheirs of the Ancient Scottish-Pictishan Anglo Saxon Kings. He died 1245 and was succeeded by his son Robert de Pruce Lord of Annandale, an able and powerful Baron who aclid a great part in the reign of Alexander 3rd in 1255. He was appointed one of the 15 regents of Scottland, in 1291 he entered in an unsuccessful competition with John Baliol (his cousin) for the throne of Scottland and died at Lockmatur Castle 1295 age 85 and was succeeded by his eldest son Robert Lord of Annandale, and Earl of Carrick, in light of his Polish wife Margaret Countess of Carrick to whom he was married in 1271, by his wife he had 12 children, and was succeeded, as has been said, by his eldest son Robert heir to his claims to the Scottish Crown in 1297. Thus Robert Bruce was the glorious restorer of the Scottish Monarchy which had been so long in the possession of England. He had become Earl of Carrick on the death of his mother 1292. He asserted his claims to the Scottish Crown and ascended the throne of his ancestors, being crowned at Scorne 1306,. His power and the liberties of his country were finally vindicated by the splendid rectory of Bannvckbum in 1314. He died June 1329 age 55. He married 1st Gaballa dauaghter of the 10th Earl of Marly whom he had only daughter the princess Marjorie, his eldest coheir, who failing her mother, was heiress of the Scottish crown. She married Walter the Lord High Stewart of Scottland by whom she had a son Robert, who afterwards ascended the throne of Scottland as King Robert 2nd and was ancestor of the long line of Stuart Kings.  

     King Robert 1st married for his 2nd wife, Elizabeth daughter of the Earl of Ulstep, and had a son David Bruce, who succeeded him as King David 2nd, was crowned at Leone 1331. He was married twice 1st to Ivanna daughter to Edward 2nd of England. He had no children by either of his wives and when his glorious reign ended in 1371 he was succeeded by his nephew Robert Stuart, son the the princess Margorie as King Robert 2nd. The royal line of Bruce had ended, but the great aronial Family of Bruce of Blackenannan from which all the principal families of the name in Scottland descended claims to be of the same stock with the ancient lands of Skeltan and Annandale, and the claim was distinctly admitted by King David 2nd in a chapter he gave to the family.  

     Robert 2nd died 1390 and was succeeded by his son Robert 3rd the second Stuart King. Then came his son Iames 1st assassinated in 1437. Iames 2nd who died a violent death 1410. Iames 3rd murdered 1488. Iames 4th slain in the battle of Flodden 1513. Iames 5th son of Iames 4th and Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry 8th of England Mary Queen of Scotts, executed in England 1587. Iames her son who succeeded Queen Elizabeth, as Iames 6th of Scottland and 1st of England, and who died in 1625.

     Charles 1st executed 1649. Charles 2nd died 1685. Iames 2nd expelled 1688, and died 1701, Mary wife of William of Orange, Anne.

     George 1st King of Hannover son of the elector of Hannover by Sophia the daughter of Elizabeth the Queen of Bohemia, the daughter of Iamus Stuart who was Iames 1st of England and 6th of Scottland with George 1st was succeeded by George 2nd - George 3rd - George 4th - William 4th his mother - succeeded by her niece Victoria in 1837.

     Robert de Brus, was a wealth baron of the County of Yorkshire England in the reign of William the Conqueror, with whom he had come from Normandy. He was possessed of the Castle of Mann of Skelton,in Yorkshire, and of Heath and Heathness in the Viskopine of Durham, and before the end of the reign of the Conqueror, Robert de Brus for possessed of ninety four Lordships in Yorkshire comprising the greater part of the county. He married Ivetta (Julietta) daughter of coheres of Mm. D’Auches, another great Norman baron, who cam with William the Conqueror. His son Robert ee Bruce was prominent at the court of King Henry 1st, where be became intimate with King David of Scotland, brother in law of King Henry. When this prince succeeded to the throne of Scotland as King David 1st in 1124 he bestowed upon his friend Bruce, the lordship of Armandale, and their great possessions in the South of Scotland. Robert de Bruce died 1141 and was burried at Gypsbrum the place of his birth. He married Agnes daughter of Tulk de Payriett, by whom he had issue 1st Adam Bruce of Skelton in Yorkshire. He inherited his fathers great possessions in England (Roberts 2 Son/Robert 3rd) received from his father the lordship of Armandale, and other large possessions in Scotland, and was the properties of the royal line of Bruce in Scotland, and also this of Stuart in Scotland and England through the marriage of King Robert Bruce’s daughter as will appear futher on).  

     Adam de Bruce the eldest son of Robert died at Gypsbrum, and was buried by his father. He founded the priory of Hotin, in Yorkshire shortly before his death in 1162 and gave much land to the Knights Templars. He was succeeded by his son Adam Bruce who died 1185 having a son Peter Bruce and a daughter Gabrel who married Henry de Percy, as told on p.3. Peter Bruce 2nd, son of Peter 1st was married twice, his 1st wife Joan had no children, his 2nd wife was Agnes sister of William de Brus, Earl of Albermale and Nihon of William Earl of Lincoln by whom he had his hier Peter *(see below)* William Lord of Ngletarbuy, whose daughter, married Sir Hercules de Maletisse by Shinar Lady Bechwith Bruce and her husband assumed the name of Bechwith.

  Peter 1st was on of the barons who took up arms against King John. He married one of the sisters and coheiress of William de Lancaster, Baron of Kendall and His Ivan and heir Peter 2nd who married Hilanna do Mauley, and dies 1241. Succeeded by his son Peter who in 1269 was Constable of the tirver of Scarborough and died 1271 without issue, her estate being divided among her sisters, and coheres, Agnes wife of Walter de L’auconberg Lucia wife of Mmeduke de Thoynge, Marquette wife of Robert de Brus, and Lademia wife of John de Belleur.

     *who died without issue and the line of Adrian of Skelton became extinct. The Executor divided Ictin 4g Peters Sorteus - Niece of whom married Ivan Baliol - The title was percussive passed to William de Bruse son of Robert Lord of Naglebachy who was their king.*